Day 38 – BECOMING A WORLD CLASS CHRISTIAN — 40 Days Purpose Driven Life Journey by Rick Warren

Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind – Psalm 67:2

To think like a World Class Christian, shift from self centered thinking to other centered thinking. The bible says, “My friends, stop thinking like children. Think like mature people” – 1 Corinthians 14:20.

This is the first step to becoming a World Class Christian. Children only think of themselves, grown ups think of others. God commands, “Don’t think only about your own affairs but be interested in others, too” – Philippians 2:4

Of course, this is a difficult mental shift because we’re naturally self-absorbed and almost all advertising encourages us to think of ourselves. The only way we can make this paradigm switch is by a moment by moment dependance on God.

Fortunately he doesn’t leave us to struggle on our own. “God has given us His Spirit. That’s why we don’t think the same way that the people of this world think” – 1 Corinthians 2:12

Begin asking the Holy Spirit to help you to think of the spiritual need of unbelievers whenever you talk to them. With practice you can develop the habit of praying silent “breath prayers” for those you encounter. Say, “Father, help me to understand what is keeping this person from knowing you.”

(IES South Digest, submitted by Mario Pasla)


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