Emptying The Trash Bin

Empty Trash BinEvery now and then, I would check my data in my Hard Drive of my laptop looking for unused or un-necessary files to be deleted. Then I would check the trash bin and clean it up by removing all deleted files from the trash bin. But If i forget to empty the trash bin and over the times it accumulates and becomes very big, somehow it would effect the performance of my laptop.

The same concept  actually applies in human life. At some point in our lives, we would have un-necessary/negative things in a form of bitterness, resentment, disappointment and anger which would disrupt the course of life, happiness and health. For example people may have treated us unfairly, betrayed us or hurted our feelings. Then we would store them in our heart and we would accumulate these negative feelings, then we tend to carry them around in our daily activities like walking around with a backpack full of suff strapped behind your back. At the end of the day we would feel very exhausted and fatique. It is not a pleasant feeling!

One thing i learnt and i need to keep reminding myself is that the sooner we clean them up, the sooner we will recover and regain happiness. On contrary the longer we keep them undealth and uncleaned, the harder we will recover/heal. It will also lead to further undesired consequences such as depression, divorce, or even death (both natural death due to health problems and suicide).

We need to have some kind of mechanism for cleaning up our negative emotional bagage from our system. The followings are just some of daily practical steps that will be helpful:

  • Praying. The Bible tells us to come to God and release our heavy burdens onto Him and He will give us comfort. We also ought to pray and bless our enemies – people who hurt us.
  • Meditation. We need to find time to meditate focusing on releasing negative feelings and tensions out of our body, mind and soul and let ourselves filled with God’s healing energy.
  • Forgiveness. It is a way of releasing us from emotional baggage. We need to send forgiveness freely to those who hurt us. This can be done whenever the pain or hurt arises in our heart, we need to release forgiveness to those who hurt us. By doing so, we are letting ourselves free and healed from the pain and hurt. You may not be able to do this by your own power, you need to ask God to help you through the power of Holy Spirit.

All of these are easier said than done but they are worth practising so that we would have a clean and maximum spiritual life.


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