GPS – God’s Positioning System

In the ever-changing  high technology era, mankind created an electronic system/device called Global Positioning System which is connected to a satellite and functions as pointer to our geographical position and provides directions for travelling purpose.  This man made system is being implemented in various applications for example cars, airplanes, boats and many others.

However long before a man was able to create such wonderfully useful technology God had already created a positioning system which usage is to guide and direct us to the destination God has planned for us.

In the Bible, there are many historical stories of Biblical characters that can be examples of the work of God’s Positioning System. One familiar story we would like to look at in particular now is the story of Moses. When Moses was still very young he killed an egyptian to defend a hebrew, one of his people, who was being beaten. The consequence of his action was he had to fled to live in Midian to save his life from the wrath of Pharaoh. Moses went through alienation process as a shepherd for Reuel, a Midian priest, who gave one of his daughters to be married to Moses.  Then one day an Angel of Lord appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush and put Moses forward with his life purpose that God had already designed for him which was to lead the Israelites out of Egypt to the promised land. From then on, God always guide him in fulfilling his life purpose.

From the story above we take a lesson that God has a wonderful plan for each of us even before we were born out to this world (Rome 8:29-30). However in living our life, from time to time, we fall into sins due to our fallen nature and disobedience to God words. For that reason we may have to deal with the consequences of our choice and actions and God uses it to process and prepare us to fulfilling the purpose of our creation. As for the Israelites, God always guided them through the wilderness of desert and when they made mistakes against God’s words, God corrected them. Despite their stubborness and ignorance, God guided them until they reached the promised land.

God's words

God's Positioning System

The same concept applies to all of us. We may feel that we’ve gone off course once in a while but God always has His ways to put us back on track. The more open we are  to His guidance the easier we are going to be back on track. So that we may still serve the purpose of our creation and receive God’s promises in our life.

Then how are we able to use God’s Positioning System for our life? We need to have ever-growing personal relationship with God by praying, reading the Bible, listening to His voice for guidance on His wills for our life. Just like the Global Positioning System installed in devices, God’s Positioning System needs to be installed in us which is our receptive heart and mind in order for it to be fully functional.


2 thoughts on “GPS – God’s Positioning System

    • It would be understandably within the human nature if the people, described in the Leviticus 25:44-46, questioned about God’s wonderful plan for them.

      But I would say God has a wonderful plan for all of us despite of our social status. That wonderful plan is that we would spend the eternal life with Him in Heaven.

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