10 Ways to Improve Your Walk With Christ

In this world we think that all people should have known about their need depends on their work and faith. How great and beautiful life you are going to have, if you have a wisdom o your mind. This is a mystery but you could get it only through Him. Many ways you could do it so that your heart feel cool and stay with Him such as below:

1. Prays in the night at your room. Spend a little of your time about 1 hour before you get sleep. Keep your room clean, cool air, and empty place or alone. Let the prostration prayer and worship with all your heart. If you have some problem in your life, tell as soon as possible. If you feel the Holy Spirit touch you, please say Amen. Be better if you cry deeply with your eyes and mouth.

2. Give a special focus in your mind. Nothing to imagine something that is outside from this section. Keep your mind is cool, clean and full concentration to The Christ. Let you know that The Christ come to you during you pray and He will touch you as soon as possible.

3. Switch on your spiritual music. Let you to choose your song according to your favorite song and the theme what you pray about. Be better to run the slow music in order to feel The Holy Spirit come inside to you deeply.

4. Read your holy bible. Take consistent of your reading on Holy bible that will encourage your faith like build your faith on the solid rock and get the wisdom from its word. Be sure, that all things inside only from The Christ.

5. Make commitment with God. Do it consistently and regularly. Don’t forget make an appointment heart to heart and be patient for all things that you do in His way.

6. Do your faith through your work every day. The Holy Bible has said that “Faith without work is dead. If you have given wisdom about love, you should give to the other people who need help.

7. Be grateful for all things that given to you. Please say “Thanks to God for everything that you have done in my live till now and I can’t do anything except praying and worship to you every moment on the part of my life”.

8. Open your heart. Invite your Holy Spirit coming to your heart as a guide through the right way when you walked around of your life. Be sure, that you have a clean heart as The Christ teaching to you. Have a heart of worship as a servant because of The Almighty and The King of King.

9. Give love one to another people. Love more and more. Do it with every of your heart, soul and mind. Be a blessing to many people that need help. Spread out your love with your sincerely heart. Hope your love will make a spiritual encouragement for their next life.

10. Visit at the Christ place that has experienced. At the latest, if you have a budget, spend a part of your money for visiting to Israel. In this country, The Christ has ever got an experienced and it will tell you some stories that very nice and wonderful things.

by Wenas Shot


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