Battle Fatigue

“David went down with his men to fight against the Philistines, and he became exhausted.… But Abishai son of Zeruiah came to David’s rescue; he struck the Philistine down and killed him.” – 2 Samuel 21:15b, 17a

“Doing life” is a heavy battle to endure. There are days fatigue takes your faith to its breaking point. You grow weary of financial struggles. The pain of separation has sapped every ounce of energy from your being. The pressures at work have crushed your spirit. It seems like one additional problem could send you over the edge. You may be suffering from spiritual battle fatigue. This is the time to regroup and engage in the encouragement of other Jesus followers.

Spiritual battle fatigue is the time you are the most susceptible to sin. Now is not the time to add another initiative, or you could flail away, faithless and vulnerable to unwise decision-making. Indeed, there are friends in your life whom you can trust for counsel and direction. It is imperative for you to get under their accountability.
Accountability is something given by you. So, use this time of exposure to submit to their support and good advice. If you plow ahead, however, you are taking unnecessary chances.

Exhaustion blurs the mind and deceives the heart. When you are spent is not the time to confront conflict. A tired life faces conflict at a disadvantage. Either you lash out in anger over the injustice you are feeling, or you lose your patience and judge others prematurely. Do not be embarrassed to admit that you need a break. This is a time to explicitly trust others for a season and not to teeter on the edge of exhaustion.

People are waiting in the wings to rescue you. Yes, it is humbling to think we need to be rescued. But without the assistance of a friend or relative, you may very well collapse under the weight of the burden you are bearing. Confess your need and accept their help. Everyone will be blessed as a consequence.

Battle fatigue also requires re-engagement with God. Your sweet time with Jesus is required to gain back your strength in Him. Your inner resolve is renewed by focused time with your heavenly Father. He understands the demands of your world. He is there to renew your mind with the truth of His Word. He is sensitive to your damaged heart, and with His comfort and love He will extract the fiery darts of the enemy and bring healing. He recognizes your frail faith and is positioned to inject it with hope and peace.

source: Wisdom Hunters devotional


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